Monday, October 20, 2008

My Kids Results at Pearl Point Tournament

Fikri vs Wendy on Board 2 in Round 6.

[Bd33] Fikri Saleh vs SC Mohd Adam Eiman (1-0)
[Bd24] SS Wong Chai Ray vs Fikri Saleh (0-1)
[Bd04] Fikri Saleh vs Shreyes Subramaniam (1-0)
[Bd06] SJ Dinesh vs Fikri Saleh (1/2-1/2)
[Bd04] Fikri Saleh vs LR Chong Yan Meng (1-0)
[Bd02] LR Wendy Tan Li Ting vs Fikri Saleh (1-0)
[Bd06] Fikri Saleh vs LR Jeff Tan Jun Feng (0-1)

Not being rated in the tournament and ranked #33  in the starting list of the total 102 players competing in Under 12 category, Fikri won his first two rounds againts non nationally-rated opponents. In Round 3, he met Shreyes Subramaniam, the champion of 2008 Kuala Langat Chess Tournament. This time, he defeated the player whose current national rating is 1480.

In next round, he drew with Dinesh. Then he defeated a Lee Rubber player, Chong Yan Meng with national rating of 1412. Fikri who is nationally rated 1402  could not continue his winning momentum againts Wendy Tan Li Ting (nat. rating 1513)  and Jeff Tan Jun Feng (nat. rating 1455) of Lee Rubber in Round 6 and Round 7 respectively.

With 4 and 1/2 point, Fikri could not get into the Top 10 performers in such competitive chess tournament.

Anis vs Nurul Aina Akmar on Board 6 in Round 6.

[Bd30] SC John Chen vs Anis Fariha (0-1)
[Bd21] Anis Fariha vs SS Lee Chee Yin (1-0)
[Bd01] K2 Tan Wei Hao vs Anis Fariha (1-0)
[Bd22] Anis Fariha vs SS Tan Li Wen (1-0)
[Bd16] Tristen Dutta vs Anis Fariha (1-0)
[Bd18] Anis Fariha vs Nurul Aina Akmar (0-1)
[Bd26] SS Hew Wei Chen vs Anis Fariha (0-1)

Anis with national rating of 902 (as per July 2008), started off the tournament well when she won two in a row.  In the third round, she had to play againts the top seed Tan Wei Hao (1633), a MSSKL player, on the top board and lost. In the next rounds, she managed to win two games and lost the other two.  With 4 points she is placed 32nd out of 102 competitors in Under 12 category. Five other SKBJ players also scored the same point - Affan, Aina Farzana, Nur Faqihah, Mohd Ishraf and his sister Sharmine.

Congratulation to the organizers who managed the event and made it happen. As for me, I have learnt something :

1) It is very important to provide the organizer a player's rating because it is important in the pairing of the Swiss system

2) It is also very important to know the tie-breaks being used in a tournament because in a very competitive one it will play important role in deciding the winners. 

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