Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Results at Pearl Point Chess Open

Me vs Wan Muhammad Fadzli.

Today I was among 28 players participated in the Pearl Point Chess Open. The tournament plays Swiss 7 rounds with 25 minute time control. I won two games but without hardship because my opponents had left home.

In the first round, I played againts NM Edward Lee (nat. rating 1903) with white. Then, my opponent was Mohd Fadli Zakaria aka stonemaster with nat. rating 1766. I played white againts him. Playing black, my next two opponents were Mat Zaki Yeop (1427) and Subramaniam Demudu (1511) respectively. I was quite happy by giving a good fight. Though my national rating is below 1000, with only few mistakes especially during the middle game toward the endgame my games seem to improve a lot. I was very quick in the opening too. 

I even may get a draw againts Encik Zaki with perpetual check. But since I go for a kill, I just gave my shot. When playing Mr Subramaniam, eventhough I have more time since he was a bit late coming to the board I lost to him. My brain has had enough after working hard in the first three rounds. Moreover, I haven't had my lunch yet.

In round six, I have an opportunity against Wan Muhammad Fadzli. But I could not exploit it. I was playing white and quite aggressive. Overall, I am happy with my performance. Less blunders and silly mistakes I made. 

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