Saturday, March 27, 2010

27 - 28 March Weekend Malaysian Chess Summary

Really not much chess activities for GiLoCatur and the kids during this weekend. Fikri does not come home from the hostel. Anis and Fahim were involved in their school chess club program as well as GiLoCatur who is asked to assist. GiLoCatur intended to participate in the Bandaraya Johor Chess Open for a chess travelogue but for few reasons cancelled it.

Let GiLoCatur summarize this weekend chess tourneys around Malaysia.

1) Johor Chess Festival

GiLoCatur and the kids did participate in Bandaraya Chessmaster a couple years ago, 2008 if not mistaken. Three parties have worked together as the organizer - Majlis Bandaraya Johor Baharu or its acronym MBJB for the two day chess event that include the team championship on the first day and the individual championship on the second day.

You can check out the details published in most local chess blogs like hairulovchessmaniacs, fireyrook, and stonemaster (to name just a few).

One of local chess bloggers, Syed of syedchess, participate in the Johor Chess Festival. Check out his chess blog also for latest update.

2) March First Saturday Chess Classics

Some Klang Valley chess players who do not want to drive for five hours down south to JB, the capital state of Johor, can participate in the FSCC at Jax Tham's Excel Chess Academy. Ten rounds of 20-minute time control with 30 seconds increment (10.20.30) will surely satisfy some "gilocatur"s. Check out Jax Tham's chess blog here for the details and latest updates.

3) DATCC Razzle Dazzle Chess Rapid

For other Klang Valley chess players who only can play on Sunday, they can go to DATCC and enter DATCC Razzle Dazzle rapid. Go to DATCC chess blog here and hairulovchessmaniacs blog at this link for further details and latest updates.

4) Sabah Chess Rapid Master

Sabah, famously known as "the state below the wind" or in Malay "Negeri di Bawah Bayu", will have a chess tournament as well as its AGM. The seven-round tournament will be held in two days - Saturday and Sunday. Check out Sabah Chess Association (SCA) official website for the details and latest updates here.

What a weekend for Malaysian chess players and lovers. Four chess tournaments? plus weekdays FIDE-rated (DATCC team event, Nf6 Invitation Master and Insofar FIDE-rated tourney). Malaysia should progress further in chess. Hopefully, Malaysia will improve its FIDE world ranking.

And more chess tournaments to come next month. KL Open is one of them. Several top GMs will come to Malaysia and participate. And many PPDs will have their MSS chess tournaments.

So, Malaysian chess players - HAVE FUN PLAYING CHESS!

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