Saturday, March 20, 2010

StoneMaster "Amatur" Special Edition Limited (SMASEL)

credit : stonemaster's photo collection

Come tomorrow, SUNDAY 21st March, Pusat Kecemerlangan Sukan Cochrane (as per above picture) will be the battle field among Malaysian amateur chess players (below national ratings of 1650) to determine who is the best. One of the local chess tournaments being waited and anticipated by many chess players. They have practised, they have studied openings, middle game, end game, tactics and strategies and they have sparred.

Unfortunately, GiLoCatur can not participate since have a program to attend. GiLoCatur wants to find out whether has improved or otherwise. GiLoCatur wish Best of Luck to all participants especially chess buddies like Zullghafari, Azam, Max, Syed, Ng6, Fauzi Ahim and Sahir.

To check out the latest update on SMASEL, please go to stonemaster's website here or here.

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