Saturday, March 20, 2010

Update On Cheras Chess Challengers

At this moment, the final round i.e. seventh of the Cheras Chess Challengers is ongoing at Pusat Kecemerlangan Sukan Cochrane, KL. The four-day tournament is a FIDE-rated event and held for four days starting from Wednesday, 17th March 2010. Two chess academies - Cheras Chess Academy and Excel Chess Academy are the organisers with the help of PERCAWI, Persatuan Catur Wilayah. With another chess academy, Insofar which synonymes with Zaki Mat Yeop, Cheras Chess Academy sponsor the tournament that is rare in the country previously. 36 chess players including two rated foreigners are participating.

Going to the final round, the top seed Abedin Md Jaynul and the 4th seed Norazman Ismail are leading with 5.5/6 points. Both drew in the third round. Who is going to be the champion? Is either one of them or maybe Paul Parimanam if he wins and the top seed lose? Check out the final results and other tournament details at Kids4Chess website here.

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