Saturday, March 27, 2010

Berita Hangat Dari JB (Hot News From JB)

Got a text message from Azhar MS regarding our local young chess team known as "Young and Danger" comprises of Muhd Nabil, Afiq Afyfy and WCM Nur Nabila that becomes the champion in the 2nd Bandaraya Chessmaster Johor Open Team Championship held today in Johor Baharu. The team edged several strong teams like SMS Gold and Chess exparts. Twenty two teams of three players including five from Singapore were participating. SYABAS DAN TAHNIAH!

So, to all other young Malaysian chess players, "YAKIN BOLEH!" that every one of you is capable of being the champion among strong players including titled players. BELIEVE IN YOURSELVES!

Pasukan Young and Danger! yang dibarisi Muhd Nabil AH, Ahmad Affiq Afify dan WCM Nur Nabila muncul juara berpasukan JB Chessmaster ptg td. Naib johan SMS Gold Ian Udani, Kamaludin dan Nik Ahmad Farouqi, ketiga JB Chess Team. Pilihan utama Chess Exparts yg dibarisi IM Enrique Pacencia, T.Mandar dan Michael Palmar hanya ditempat kelima, setelah IM Pacencia kalah kpd Nabil dan T.Mandar kalah kpd afify. 22 pasukan termasuk 5 pasukan dari Singapore mengambil bahagian. Esok dijangka hampir 400 pemain akan bertarung dlm acara individu. Tq. Azhar MS

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