Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Summary of NAG 2010 Champions

GiLoCatur and family are still in Penang. We stay another night for a good rest for the kids (as well as to their parents ... LOL) to wander around Penang. Yesterday, after the tournament GiLoCatur and family was treated a dinner by a family friend at a seafood outlet. Thank you very much to them for the treat. May ALLAH bless the whole family.

After GiLoCatur stayed up late last night for updating the final results of the NAG, this morning after a refreshment GiLoCatur like to write about the summary of the champions.

The first question is how to determine a player will represent which state?

The state of residence?
The state of schooling?
The state of where the parents were born or raised?
The state of choice?

How about you stay in KL but go to school in Selangor or vice versa?
How about the parents move to other states due to work?

For GiLoCatur's kids, it is simple and straight answer. All the above answers is SELANGOR.

Both GiLoCatur and wife were born in Selangor. GiLoCatur was born in Sabak Bernam while the wife was born in Sungai Besar. All the children except Fikri were born in Selangor.

GiLoCatur and family stay in Shah Alam, the capital city of Selangor.

All GiLoCatur's children - Fikri, Anis Fariha and Fahim Al-Faqeh are schooling in Shah Alam, Selangor.

Then finally the state of choice is surely Selangor.

OK, let's forget a while about that. Whatever it is a player must choose one state.

So, how is the gold medal statistics by states?

Penang or Pulau Pinang won four. It won both U8 and U10 boys categories. Wong Yinn Long won all his 8 rounds in U8 while Teh De Juan scored 7/8 points.

Kedah won one gold medal in U8 girls section. Nur Islamurni Yahaya of Jaffolea Chess Club is the winner by scoring 6/7 points.

Selangor won three gold medals. All of them are in the girls categories - U10, U12 and U14. Puteri Rifqah Fahada of the four Azhar siblings won the U10. Then the two Azman Hisham sisters - Nur Najiha and Nur Nabila, won the U12 and U14.

Noor Akbar brothers - Daniel Iskandar and Muhd Aziz Farhan who are currently studying in Johor won two gold medals for Johor. Both of them are the champions for U12 and U14 respectively.

Wilayah Persekutuan or often referred as KL (Kuala Lumpur) won two gold medals. It won in U16 girls and U18 boys. KL is strong in these two categories where it won 5/6 medals. Latifah Kaiyisah Mohd Latib and Tan Ken Wei are the champions for such respective categories.

Penang's other two gold medals come from U16 boys and U18 girls categories. Evan Timothy Capel won the former while Ong Choon Yong won the latter.

The gold medals tally may be different if several other players participate. For example, several champions of the previous NAG edition like Yeap Eng Chiam of KL and Yeoh Li Tian. If not mistaken, both of them scored the perfect points in NAG 2009.

Selangor is missing Edward Lee and Amira Syahmina. Pahang is missing Sumant and Sarika Subramaniam who are playing outside the country if what GiLoCatur hears is correct. Kedah is surely missing Muhd Sirajuddin. Some states even do not have players participating.

The chess community and the relevant chess authority needs to brainstorm and do something to make sure all states are represented. The summary and statistics here can be used as the indicator for the chess development and commitment.

GiLoCatur hopes all the Malaysian chess community to work in unity and together to make chess excel and developed in the country.


GiLoCatur signs off from Room 316, Regal Hotel, Pulau Pinang.

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