Sunday, March 21, 2010

GiLo... RED!!!

Tonite, GiLoCatur has found a very interesting person in the net. The person is SHE. She is a Malaysian. She is a blogger. In fact, she is a very successful blogger. She has won several blogger awards. Her blog or website has surpassed 3 million visitors in about 5 years if not mistaken. Wow! For GiLoCatur, in about 5 years of time would be lucky enough if the blog even surpass the 100 K visitors. One interesting fact also written in her profile is she loves chess too.

[ GiLoCatur : Actually, Red Mummy is really a chess lover and fanatic, is a chess player, is a chess champion for four consecutive years at her office and during her teenage years and a chess addict by playing online. Check out her entries that relates to chess here. Mon, 22 March, 1.23am ]

What really interesting about her is she is RED fanatic or simply GiLo ... RED ... thus, she is known or called as Kak RED or RED Mummy or RED Diva.

[ GiLoCatur : Maybe the Red Mummy can be the X-Factor for chess in Malaysia? ]

Check out her website or her blog here.

Does anyone want to share his / her unique interest or hobby?

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