Wednesday, March 31, 2010


During the first day of NAG 2010 held in Dewan Sri Pinang, Pulai Pinang which was on Sunday, a "meet the parents" forum was held at 5.00pm. A number of chess parents from many different states - Pulau Pinang, Perak, Selangor, KL, N9, Johor and others joined the forum to hear some briefing and discussion especially on MCF Selection Guidelines and National Rating.

The forum is very critical and important to ensure chess is striving on the right direction and path in the country. Surely, all the parents whom children are involved in chess would like to know many related things especially when it involves with the national authority and body in chess which is the Malaysian Chess Federation or simply MCF. Besides the selection guidelines in representing the country in international chess tournaments overseas and the national ratings such as the newly-revised ratings fee structure, some other matters or issues highlighted are (as of what GiLoCatur remembers since lost the notes):

  • Raymond Siew highlighted about transparency and healthy competition particularly about his plight with PICA. Check out his blog - here During the session on his plight, a term "little napoleons" came up. As of GiLoCatur research and not sure whether this what it means, BERNAMA explains about the term like this - “Little Napoleon is often described as one who is pugnacious, arrogant and abrasive, especially a person in power, having features like Napoleon Bonaparte, an absolute ruler in France during the late 18th century.”
  • Azhar MS highlighted about his son having multiple FIDE IDs. He stressed that any accompanying official to look into the registration process carefully to avoid such problem. He also highlighted that his son problem has been longing for many months.
  • Some parents highlighted that their state chess association does not really support and take serious about the National Age Group (NAG) championship. They believe that the state should identify players to represent it in the championship. In other words, the NAG is not really a national-level chess championship as per its name. The parents urge MCF to look into this matter.
  • Both Puan Adzlin and Puan Zurin asked the MCF council the attending members about the case of the children whose parents do not belong to any MCF-affliate state chess associations. Would they be discriminated in the selection process. There were other questions that GiLoCatur missed.

Hopefully, what ever points and highlights that GiLoCatur misses to include in this post, please write them in the comments of this entry.

Some MCF Office Bearers or council members
check out its official blog for the complete MCF Council members

The chess parents including some of their chess-playing children

Whatever it, GiLoCatur hopes that the forum does not wash away just like that without any appropriate action being taken. MCF should do what ever it is supposed and have to do. Chess parents also should play and do their responsibilities and roles. Or else, it will still be the same and back to square one.

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