Friday, January 1, 2010

Batu Pahat Summit Chess Open Result

GiLoCatur received an email from providing the results for the Open category of Batu Pahat Summit Chess Open held during last weekend. Based on the results, nearly 70 players participated in the six-round rapid tournament. GiLoCatur knows and familar with few of the names like Tan Jun Feng, Zullghafari and Noorullah Omar who texted GiLoCatur the night before the tournament to get the organizer's contact number. Tahniah! since he was one of the winners.

There are two chess families that GiLoCatur notices participated in the tournament. Cikgu Sahadi from Kelantan and NAM Ali who are now residing in Segamat. Cikgu Sahadi was playing along with his four children. One of his sons was crowned the champion after scoring 5.5/6 points and had better tie-break than Syawaluddin from Malacca. Another son of Cikgu Sahadi won the fifth place. In fact, Cikgu Sahadi himself won the tenth place. Tahniah to Cikgu Sahadi and his family.

Four children of NAM Ali also participated in the Open category. All his three sons won the top three, 1-2-3 place, for Under 12 category held on Saturday. Daniel Iskandar, the eldest, won the 6th place while his younger brother, Aziz Farhan won the 7th place. Both of them scored 5/6 points each.

Tahniah to other winners too. And TQ to chess.buff for sending the result.

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