Sunday, January 24, 2010

Malaysia vs Singapore Chess Challenge 2010



When ? 15 - 17 Feb 2010

Venue ? Cititel Express Hotel, Kuala Lumpur

[ source : the Secretary of Malaysian Chess Federation (MCF) via email ]

( GiLoCatur : the Malaysian chess community is encouraged and urged to show and provide the full and strong support to our Malaysian team in the challenge. Let's show that MALAYSIA BOLEH! )

For GiLoCatur who is just active in chess scene in the recent years, the annual Malaysia vs Singapore Chess Challenge is something new. GiLoCatur has never watched such event even though such rivalry encounter has been held about two decades. If the 2004 edition is the 16th of such Challenge, it means the first one was held in early 80's.

GiLoCatur will try to compile all the info available regarding the rival challenge saga between the two neighbouring countries. GiLoCatur knows about the annual Selangor v Singapore fight in football, but not Malaysia vs Singapore in chess match. What it is all about? How's the past records or results? Who represented Malaysia in the previous challenges? GiLoCatur will try fnd the answers. Who will captain for this year's edition? What's the format of the challenge?

So, please come back again for more reports on such challenge meet.

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