Thursday, January 28, 2010

If a Kid Can Promote Chess, Why Can't Us?

What can we learn from the above and below picture? A picture tells a lot. It's a very simple answer but may teach us something. Two boys wearing school uniforms are playing chess while their friends were watching. When and where they were playing? Actually, they were playing after school in the evening (they are in afternoon school session) and on the pathway while waiting to be fetched by their parents.

In fact the player on the left is Fahim, GiLoCatur's youngest son. What else GiLoCatur can do when he insisted to bring a chess set to school. He teaches and influences his school friends to play chess. He is, without knowing it, promoting chess in school. If in USA, there is Chess-In-Schools (CIS) program, here in Malaysia Fahim is having Chess-After-School program.

GiLoCatur is actually speechless and had to wait him finish his game. If Fahim can outreach his school friends for chess, why can't GiLoCatur and other adult chess players do the same. If Fahim is brave enough to let all eyes watching him playing chess on the school pathway, why aren't us the big boys brave enough to let all eyes watching us play chess at mamak restaurants, "kedai kopis", MacDonalds, parks and etc?

In conclusion, a kid may teaches us adults something like this. Furthermore, we adults should go back to basic in conducting and doing something especially in promoting chess.

So, as an idea to promote DAT chess center, conduct chess outreach program and awareness.

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