Wednesday, January 27, 2010

City Day Blitz Tournament, y'all!

What is Blitz chess?

GiLoCatur believes most chess players know about it. Many play it even though some of them do not prefer it including GiLocatur.

For chess newbies, let GiLoCatur explains about it.

Blitz is a chess game of 3 to 5 minute per side. How about if the time control is between 15 to 60 minutes per side? It is called either rapid or quick chess. Rapid chess is very common in Malaysia. The most common time control is either 30 minutes or 25 minutes. In America, the former is known as G/30 while the latter is G/25. During chess sparring, GiLoCatur prefers to play rapid 20 minute time control per side. But how about 10 minutes or maybe 7 minutes. Is it a blitz or a rapid? Instead of 5-minute blitz, GiLoCatur prefers 10-minute. Besides, GiLoCatur also prefers 45 minute time control. Two annual chess tournaments that use such time format is Temerloh Open and MMU (Malacca Multimedia University) Open. Just unfortunately, this year edition for MMU Open, the time control would been changed to 30 minute (G/30).

GiLoCatur is sure that many Malaysian chess players are not aware or used to play 1 or 2 minute time control. It is very rare in this country. It is called bullet chess. One of the chess players capable and good in bullet chess is Susan Polgar. She even can beat male opponents easily. Based on a documentary GiLoCatur once watched, the time needed for Susan for a chess patern recall is about 3 seconds. Thanks to her father's chess puzzles that Susan and her two other younger sisters used to do during the childhood years.

There is a another name for either blitz or bullet chess. It is lightening chess.

What is the common, normal or standard chess time control? It is 60 to 180 minutes. It is also known as the classics.

Why GiLoCatur is writing about types of chess based on time control?

It is because GiLoCatur wants to promote a blitz chess tournament on 1st February. The day is off or a public holiday for KL Territory. It is the City Day Blitz. Below are the details:

Date : 1st Feb 2010
Time : 2.00 pm
Day : Monday
Venue : DAT Chess Center
Format : 11 rounds, swiss system

How about the prizes? The top three are guaranteed of 1st - RM500, 2nd - RM300 and 3rd - RM200. ( GiLoCatur : Need confirmation on the prizes since they are different in some blogs. The prizes here is as per Mr Najib's sms. )

Is there any fee? Yes ... How much? RM25 for the entrant fee. Or it is only RM10 if you participate in the DATCC Individual Weekender tournament. For further inquiry, please email to

Click here for further details.

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