Monday, January 11, 2010

More Malaysian Chess Blogs ...

It is a very positive sign of Malaysian chess that is getting better and better especially in the aspect of communication and media. More and more chess blogs are created and alive in the Malaysian blogosphere to provide the info and news of chess-related activities and events both local and overseas. Today, GiLoCatur just noticed about the above blog. "KUDO" is actually the Knights in Malay, in an ethnic of Minangkabau dialect. It also means a Horse. "CATUR" actually means chess. GiLoCatur is very honored if KUDO CATUR is transpired from the word of "GiLoCatur" which means chess fanatic. The creator and owner of "KUDO CATUR" sees the identity which he or she wants to follow. But what really GiLoCatur hopes is that the blog will always be updated and maintained. It does not necessarily every day, but at least once in three days.

KUDO CATUR blog can be accessed here.

Make sure that you always check the blog here to know about the details of chess tournaments he organizes at his chess academy.

Excel Chess is another new chess-related blog in the country. It is related to Jax Tham and his Excel Chess Academy (ECA) which is situated in OUG. GiLoCatur salutes to people like Jax who continues to organize chess tournaments every month and during festive holidays and weekends. With the then First Friday Chess Classics (FFCC) and now First Saturday Chess Classics (FSCC), he promotes standards chess tournaments (G/90 or 90 minute time-control) which is lacking here. He also introduces and popularizes 10.20.30 chess tournaments. What is 10.20.30? 10 rounds of 20 minute time-control with 30 seconds increment. Besides organizing, he is also playing. Even he won few of the tournaments.

Jax Tham, an active chess organizer, coach and player

GiLoCatur prays that Jax Tham is blessed with good health for him to conduct and organize more and more chess tournaments, not just tournaments but quality ones for the good of Malaysian chess fraternity.

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