Monday, January 25, 2010

Jeram Open - The Photojournalism

"Ni tak boleh ngap banyak-banyak, nanti ngantuk. Eh! alamak lupalah pulak, lepas ni aku nak main opening apa?"

Ustaz Zamri, "Ko jangan main-main. Cuba ko tengok color baju aku. Sama hijau tak dengan World Police Champion. Kami si baju hijau tau!"

From Bukit Beruntung we came.

I ate very little only you know. One fish only ... "Nanti ngantuk, can not arbitering" ... Mr Azhar MS

Zainoor Ikmal Maisarah, "Look mom! That uncle takes my picture. Mana aci, I am not ready yet."

My darling .. dearest Zull, this crab does not bite, you know. Cum'on here, I "suap" you ... he he he

The happy couple of Azman Hisham and Zaza. Surely, happy one ... after the stomach is full with variety of fresh and delicious seafood dishes. Diet is not a concern, eh!

Thanks a lot to Puan Zurin for her lunch treat.

Under-18 category

Under-12 category

Ng6 and Ng6 Jr. "Like father like son!"

Ng6 had brought his junior to the Jeram Chess Open for a tournament debut. A GM in the making. Bravo, Ng6!

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