Saturday, January 9, 2010

Catur Hanya di Peringkat MSSD di Negeri Selangor

MSSS not scrapping any sport from its calendar

UNLIKE their parent body — the Malaysian Sports School Council (MSSM), the Selangor Schools Sports Council (MSSS) has decided to maintain the 24 sports in their programme calendar for this year.

However, four sports - squash, cross country, sailing and archery - will be contested at the inter-district level and seven others - bowling, table tennis, rugby, chess, cricket, softball and handball - will be confined to inter-school events in the districts.

( GiLoCatur : If I understand it correctly, chess as well as six others will be played only in the respective MSSD level. )

Selangor Education Department Sports Unit head Mohamed Latifi Abu Bakar said they had a meeting with all the respective technical chairman in Selangor.

“We explained to them the MSSM’s decision. But on our side, we have decided to organise the 13 sports as well as another four at the inter-district level.

“However, we have encouraged the district education department to initiate programmes for the other sports within their jurisdiction,’’ said Mohamed Latifi.

( GiLoCatur : Believes that encouragement alone is not enough. Need proper program and plan from the above i.e. state level. )

Although some events do not cater for the Under-15 age group, the MSSS is keen to work with the state sports associations to implement development programmes.

( GiLoCatur : Is chess one of them? If so, Chess Association of Selangor (CAS) has to take this opportunity to work with the MSSS for the chess development program in Selangor. )

Meanwhile, the Kuala Lumpur Schools Sports Council (MSSKL) will only be organising the 13 sports in the MSSM calendar.

And only four sports - athletics, gimrama, artistic gymmastics and swimming, will include the Under-15 category.

Kuala Lumpur Education Department Sports Unit head Nordin Mohd Noor said they would be working closely with the state sports associations to organise events during the off-season.

“It is more for the sports not included in the MSSM programme.

“For instance, we will be talking with the Kuala Lumpur Tenpin Bowling Association as well as other associations to initiate age-group competitions. The MSSKL will give full support to make the events a success,’’ said Nordin.

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Actually, GiLoCatur is confusing with the title of the article. It says any sport is not scrapped from the calendar, but seven events including CHESS is confined to inter-schools in the districts.

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