Thursday, January 14, 2010

What's Ur Chess Mission & Target for the year 2010?

Reading the latest entry of Capman Chess Blog, GiLoCatur would like to give the following comment and feedback.

GiLoCatur hopes every Malaysian chess players of whatever levels - masters, experts, seniors, juniors, boys or girls should have the mission, vision, target or objective like Mr Capman. So at the end of the year, the player knows his progress. It does not necessarily to put them in public like Mr Capman. But what he does will motivate him more. Insya Allah, GiLoCatur will help to analyze and cover his progress - whether his vision, mission and target has been achieved or not.

Mr Taulanipov or Cikgu Taulani of SMK Kota Marudu
( photo from the school's website here )

GiLoCatur also hopes that more and more local chess players to be more active in participating in chess tournaments. Based on the chess calendar, we have many chess tournaments being lined up and scheduled in the year 2010. It is nice to hear that many local chess players want to make a comeback like Mr Taulanipov aka Si Pengail 2. With his comeback surely it will add more competitiveness and from what GiLoCatur understand and check with the October 2009 MCF rating, he is a pro player. His Nat. Rtg is 1676. But GiLoCatur believes he is much stronger than that. [ And with help of Mr Google, GiLoCatur found his blog ( ) which mentions that his FIDE-rating is 2037. Mr Taulanipov who is a GPK (Guru Penolong Kanan) at SMK Kota Marudu, Sabah won against Fairin Zakaria in the recent Malaysia Inter-State Chess Championship in Sibu. And GiLoCatur also found some of his games. The link is here and here. Hopefully, chess beginners and patzers like GiLoCatur can learn something from his games. ]

GiLoCatur believes many Malaysian chess players want to get FIDE ratings. Many are still yet to have such rating including GiLoCatur's children. So to get the FIDE norm, is a very reasonable target and mission. Since there are not many FIDE-rated chess tournaments locally, GiLoCatur urges the organizers to organize more and more such tournaments. As far as GiLoCatur knows for this year, there are three FIDE-rated tournaments - Insofar on weekly basis, DATCC Chess Weekender and the Selangor Open in early May. Even, chess players themselves can organize such tournament. Just get the plan right and execute it. Not that very difficult. Just need to know how to.

Got to go now, so GOOD LUCK to Mr Capman and other Malaysian chess players in their endeavour and attempt or road to the FIDE norm!

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